Year: 2016

Challenge Course

The students got to experience a number of team building exercises and activities that enhanced their communication skills at the ropes course.

Psychology & Neuroscience Registration Day!

The NSLC welcomed a brand new group of students for the second session of our Psychology & Neuroscience program. Click here to watch!

Medicine & Health Care Departure Day

The students from the Medicine & Health Care program say their final goodbyes as the session comes to an end. Click here to […]

Psychology & Neuroscience Departure Day

After nine memorable days, the students are finally departing from the program, and heading home with more knowledge, leadership skills, and new friendships that […]

Surgical & Clinical Rounds

The Medicine & Health Care students took part in both surgical and clinical rounds, where they got to experience different aspects of the surgical […]

Conflict Resolution

The students learned some methods of how to easily resolve conflict when it occurs in their life, through some fun activities, led by […]

The Senses & The BIG vs small Picture: Obesity

The Psychology & Neuroscience students had the chance to participate in multiple activities that engaged the senses in different ways, through altering your […]

College Life Panel & Tour of Harvard Medical School

Students got the insight on everything they needed to know about college. From finding the right school, to admissions, to life after high […]

Neuroscience Zebrafish Lab

The Psychology & Neuroscience students participated in another lab, where they were able to examine zebrafish under a microscope. Click here to watch!

Clinical Diagnostics

The students participated in the Clinical Diagnostics exercise where they learned to diagnose and provide the proper treatment method for patients. Click here […]