Year: 2018

Clinical Diagnostics

Students in PSYC spent the session learning to be doctors and diagnosing their patients.

Surgical Rounds

HEAL Students had the chance to learn from Dr. Richard Marfuggi during their surgical rounds.\

Massachusetts General Hospital

PSYC students had the opportunity to listen to a guest presentation series this afternoon at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Survival Rounds

HEAL students worked through several emergency situations together and learned important tips on how to help.

Harvard University Tour

PSYC students spent the morning touring Harvard University!

Harvard University Tour

The HEAL students took in all there was to see this afternoon at the Harvard University Tour.

Guest Speaker Dr. Samuel Sommers

PSYC students had the opportunity to hear Dr. Samuel Sommers speak about Psychology and Law.

Hematology 101

HEAL students are one step closer to being a doctor after Hematology 101!

Neuroscience Lab

Students in the PSYC program studied neurophysiology and action potentials during their second neuroscience lab!

Brain Anatomy and Eye Dissection

The PSYC program got close up look during their brain anatomy and eye dissection during the first neuroscience lab of the session!