Month: July 2019

PHOTOS | NSLC HEAL Ethics Presentation Meeting

The NSLC HEAL students just had their second meeting to prepare for the Ethics Presentations on Sunday. Each TA group received a controversial […]

VIDEO | NSLC HEAL Clinical Rounds

Hear the NSLC HEAL students discuss what they learned and what their favorite aspects were of today’s Clinical Rounds. Get a firsthand glimpse […]

PHOTOS | NSLC HEAL Clinical Rounds

The NSLC HEAL students participated in Clinical Rounds this afternoon. Students traveled from station to station learning new medical skills such as learning […]

PHOTOS | NSLC PSYC Ethics Debate Practice Session

The NSLC PSYC students took the morning to finalize their arguments in the final Ethics Debate Practice Session. Each group was assigned a […]

VIDEO | NSLC PSYC Neuroscience Lab #1

NSLC PSYC students talk about their favorite parts of today’s Neuroscience Lab and what specific things they learned from analyzing the anatomies of […]

PHOTOS | NSLC PSYC Neuroscience Lab #1

The NSLC PSYC students participated in their first Neuroscience Lab at Harvard Medical School this afternoon. They learned about the anatomies of the […]

PHOTOS | NSLC HEAL Medical Discovery Series with Dr. Carleton Eduardo Corrales & Dr. Richard Marfuggi

The NSLC HEAL students were fortunate to have two medical professionals come and speak to them as part of our Medical Discovery Series. […]

PHOTOS | NSLC PSYC Harvard University Tour

The NSLC PSYC students toured the campus of Harvard University in Cambridge this afternoon. After the tour, they had some free time to […]

VIDEO | NSLC HEAL Surgical Rounds

See the NSLC HEAL students in action as they learn how to suture and how to dissect an eye and a heart. For […]

PHOTOS | NSLC HEAL Surgical Rounds

Today in Surgical Rounds, the NSLC HEAL students learned valuable skills that is normally reserved for students much older. They learned how to […]