Category: Psychology & Neuroscience

Neuroscience Lab

Students of the PSYC program tested the effect of different chemical substances on neurological activity.

Leadership Series

Along with their psychology and neuroscience programming students participate in a leadership series over the course of the session!  

Neuroscience Lab

The Psych students got an up close and personal look at brain and eye anatomy during today’s neuroscience lab!

Guest Speaker Presentations at Massachusetts General Hospital

Our students enjoyed the presentations from Dr. Thabele Leslie-Mazwi and Dr. Nicte Mejia today at Massachusetts General Hospital!

Challenge Course

The NSLC PSYC students crushed it at the challenge course!

Registration Day

Our Psychology & Neuroscience students were absolutely psyched for registration day!

Meet Psychology & Neuroscience Boston 2018

Electrophysiology Simulation


Comparative Brain Anatomy & Eye Dissection

Gordon College Challenge Course