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Dr. Satrajit Ghosh discusses his presentation to the NSLC PSYC students and how the NSLC is providing important exposure and experience to our […]

PHOTOS | NSLC PSYC Guest Speaker: Dr. Satrajit Ghosh

This morning, Dr. Satrajit Ghosh came to speak to our NSLC PSYC students on the advancements in neuroscience and mental health. He also […]

PHOTOS | NSLC PSYC Conflict Resolution

In NSLC PSYC’s Leadership Session this evening, our students recognized how they behave and react when faced with a difficult situation and hard […]

PHOTOS | NSLC PSYC Neuroscience Lab #4

In NSLC PSYC’s final lab, the students explored sensory perception skills and what factors may inhibit their abilities to function properly. To view […]

VIDEO | NSLC PSYC Neuroscience Lab #3

NSLC PSYC students discuss their lab from earlier today and how different substances affect cognitive responses. They also give you an update on […]

PHOTOS | NSLC PSYC Neuroscience Lab #3

Today, our NSLC PSYC students tested the effects of different substances on the body with a little help from crickets. To view all […]

PHOTOS | NSLC PSYC Neuroscience Lab #2

The NSLC PSYC students discovered how signals from their brains help control their muscles. They measured their action potentials with a little help […]

PHOTOS | NSLC PSYC Personality Matrix

The NSLC PSYC students have discovered where they are on the Personality Matrix. This will help them understand themselves as people and how […]

PHOTOS | NSLC PSYC Minute to Win It

After a day of touring Massachusetts General Hospital and Quincy Market, the NSLC PSYC students enjoyed their social time with a series of […]

VIDEO | NSLC PSYC Commitment in Action

This afternoon, the #NSLCPSYC students committed to action, performing a unique walk across the room as their peers cheered them. For more NSLC […]