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VIDEO | NSLC HEAL What I Discovered

Our #NSLCHEAL session has officially come to a close. Before they packed their bags to leave, the students shared what they discovered about […]

PHOTOS | NSLC HEAL What I Discovered & Closing Ceremony

Our NSLC HEAL session wrapped up this morning. We want to thank the students for an incredible time. We hope their NSLC experience […]

VIDEO | NSLC HEAL Ethics Symposium

The NSLC HEAL students talk about the week leading up to today’s Ethics Symposium and how they spent it building their teamwork and […]

PHOTOS | NSLC HEAL Ethics Symposium

The NSLC HEAL students have been preparing all week for today’s Ethics Symposium. Each group was given a controversial topic the is affecting […]

PHOTOS | NSLC HEAL Survival Rounds

The NSLC HEAL students visited several stations where they learned helpful skills for dire situations. They learned how to administer an EpiPen, how […]

VIDEO | NSLC HEAL Clinical Diagnostics

Our NSLC HEAL students weigh in on what their favorite parts of today’s Clinical Diagnostic stations were. They also discuss how their NSLC […]

PHOTOS | NSLC HEAL Clinical Diagnostics

Our NSLC HEAL students traversed through different stations this morning and learned many different clinical skills including taking blood pressure, using surgical tools, […]

PHOTOS | NSLC HEAL Surgical Rounds

Our NSLC HEAL students got the unique opportunity to perform surgical routines and dissections. Our students learned the anatomies of an eyeball and […]

PHOTOS | NSLC Medical Discovery Series with Dr. Josh Nagler

This morning, Dr. Josh Nagler, a professor of Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine at trembolona comprar Harvard Medical School, spoke to our NSLC HEAL […]


Dr. Richard Marfuggi discusses his Medical Discovery series from earlier this morning and the unique opportunities and benefits the NSLC HEAL students are […]