Category: Psychology & Neuroscience

Harvard University Tour

Students in PSYC started their last full day of programming with a tour of Harvard University!

Massachusetts General Hospital

Massachusetts General Hospital opened their doors for our PSYC students this morning for a special guest lecture presentation!

Neuroscience Labs

Throughout the session, PSYC students participate in several neuroscience labs where they learn about different parts and actions of the brain!

Guest Speaker Dr. Penelope Hallett

PSYC students had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Penelope Hallett discuss her research in Parkinson’s disease.

Neuroscience Lab #1

Eye’d imagine that our PSYC student stretched their minds during their first Neuroscience Lab of the session!

Ropes Course

PSYC students discuss the impact of the challenge course!

Commitment in Action

The PSYC students felt comfortable in the uncomfortable during today’s first Leadership Session!

Registration Day!

PSYC students have arrived for session 3 and we’re ready to launch into the week!

Departure Day

Today we said goodbye to the session 2 PSYC students! We had an incredible time and we cannot wait to hear about all […]

Clinical Diagnostics

Students in PSYC spent the session learning to be doctors and diagnosing their patients.