Category: Psychology & Neuroscience

Massachusetts General Hospital

PSYC students had the opportunity to listen to a guest presentation series this afternoon at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Harvard University Tour

PSYC students spent the morning touring Harvard University!

Guest Speaker Dr. Samuel Sommers

PSYC students had the opportunity to hear Dr. Samuel Sommers speak about Psychology and Law.

Neuroscience Lab

Students in the PSYC program studied neurophysiology and action potentials during their second neuroscience lab!

Brain Anatomy and Eye Dissection

The PSYC program got close up look during their brain anatomy and eye dissection during the first neuroscience lab of the session!

Commitment in Action

Students had the opportunity to dance it out and learn how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable!

Registration Day

Session 2 Registration Day is wrapping up and we can’t wait to get started!

Closing Ceremony

We had an incredible week with the PSYC students and are sad to see it come to an end!

Harvard University Tour

The PSYC students walked and talked around Harvard University during their tour today.

Clinical Diagnostics

During the session, students take part in Clinical Diagnostics where they meet with and diagnose their patient within their small groups.