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Departure Day

The Medicine & Health Care students said their goodbyes as we ended the session with a closing ceremony and awards for their Public […]

Departure Day

The students share their experiences here at the NSLC as the session comes to a close. Click here to watch!

Surgical Rounds

The Medicine & Health Care students took part in surgical rounds for the first time where they got to dissect cow eyes and […]

Harvard University Tour

The students went on a tour of Harvard University where they learned about the deep history of the school as well as the […]

Neuroscience Lab

The students had the opportunity to examine and compare brains of different species, as well as dissect cow eyes. Click here to watch!

Clinical Rounds

The students participated in five different clinical rounds where they learned about germs, what it was like to be an EMT, take a […]

Clinical Diagnostics

The Psychology & Neuroscience students have been taking part in a clinical diagnostics simulation, where they get the chance to speak with patients […]

Registration Day

The NSLC welcomed a new group of Medicine & Health Care students for our third session of the summer! Click here to watch!

Registration Day

The NSLC welcomes a brand new group of students for the Psychology & Neuroscience program! Click here to watch!

Departure Day

The Medicine & Health Care students say their final goodbyes as the session officially comes to a close. Click here to watch!