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Welcome to Harvard Medical School

Today we kicked off the beginning of a great summer at Harvard Medical School! Staff welcomed new students & parents on Registration Day.   […]

CPR Certification & Clinical Rounds

 Today students became certified in CPR & had the opportunity to learn how different instruments work in the medical field.    

Harvard Medical Tour, Mass General Hospital Museum, & Commitment in Action!

  Students have had an action packed week thus far! They toured Harvard School of Dentistry, Massechusetts General Hospital Museum, & experienced Commitment […]

Neurosurgery with Physician Assistant, Bianca Belcher & Dissection

  Today students got a first hand look into the world of Neurosurgery & dissected a heart & eye. Click here to watch!

Suturing & Public Health

  Today students experienced suturing & dissecting organs under the guidance of Dr. Marfuggi. NSLC’s very own Nick Brundage, gave students an oral presentation […]

Harvard University Tour

Today students visited Harvard University! Click here to watch!

Neurosurgery Lecture

Students attended lectures on Neurosurgery by Physician Assistant Bianca Belcher & Health Communications by Dan Orawiec at Harvard Medical School. Click here to watch!

Welcome Students!

  We’re proud to welcome our new NSLC Harvard Medical students!