PHOTOS | NSLC HEAL What I Discovered & Closing Ceremony

Last night the NSLC HEAL students shared what they discovered during their experience, this morning they came together for our Closing Ceremony, and […]

PHOTOS | NSLC HEAL Ethics Presentation Symposium

Today the NSLC HEAL students gave presenations on current ethical issues in the field of medicine. They have been preparing these presentations all […]

PHOTOS | NSLC PSYC What I Discovered & Closing Ceremony

Our #NSLCPSYC students will be departing from the session today, but they are taking with them brand new skills, knowledge, and inseparable bonds […]

PHOTOS | NSLC HEAL Medical Simulation: Clinical Diagnostics

After participating as the doctors in simulated visits throughout the week, the NSLC HEAL students made their diagnoses today. These simulations taught them […]

PHOTOS | NSLC PSYC Ethics Debates

After much research and evidence gathering throughout the week, the NSLC PSYC students put their cases to the test in this morning’s Ethics […]

PHOTOS | NSLC PSYC Neuroscience Lab #3

Today’s Neuroscience Lab for the NSLC PSYC students focused on how different substances affected the brain. Their test patients were anesthetized crickets. To […]

PHOTOS | NSLC HEAL Surgical Rounds

It only took the NSLC HEAL students five days to become surgeons! This morning they participated in Surgical Rounds where they learned about […]

PHOTOS | NSLC HEAL Leadership Series: Communication

The NSLC HEAL students learned new skills in communication in today’s Leadership Session. They learned that, whether it is balancing difficult topics or […]

PHOTOS | NSLC PSYC Guest Speaker: Dr. Claudia Trudel-Fitzgerald

Research Scientist at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Dr. Claudia Trudel-Fitzgerald, came to speak to the NSLC PSYC students about […]

PHOTOS | NSLC PSYC Leadership Series: Communication

Tonight’s Leadership Series taught the NSLC PSYC students the importance of effective communication, and how to practice it mindfully when considering different perspectives. […]