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PHOTOS | NSLC PSYC Neuroscience Lab #1

The NSLC PSYC students analyzed a sheep brain and dissected a cow eye in their first Neuroscience Lab. For many of them, this […]

PHOTOS | NSLC PSYC Commitment in Action

The NSLC PSYC students put their commitments into action this afternoon. Each student was challenged with doing a unique walk down a path […]


Check out some of the highlights from today’s NSLC PSYC Registration Day and Opening Ceremony. This is the beginning of what will be […]

PHOTOS | NSLC PSYC Registration Day & Opening Ceremony

Today, we welcomed our Session 4 NSLC PSYC students to Boston and to Harvard Medical School. We cannot wait to see these students […]

VIDEO | NSLC PSYC What I Discovered

Last night, the NSLC PSYC students shared what they discovered during their time here at NSLC at Boston. They shared stories about self-discovery, […]

PHOTOS | NSLC PSYC What I Discovered & Closing Ceremony

The NSLC PSYC session has come to a close. Seeing the students grow and develop as leaders and professionals has truly been a […]

VIDEO | NSLC PSYC Neuroscience Lab #3

Get up close and personal with NSLC PSYC’s Neuroscience Lab from today. The students talk about what they learned about the different effects […]

PHOTOS | NSLC PSYC Neuroscience Lab #3

Today in their lab, the NSLC PSYC students studied neurotransmitters and watched how different substances affected the action potential in crickets. To view […]

PHOTOS | NSLC PSYC Ethics Debate Practice Session

The NSLC PSYC students took the morning to finalize their arguments in the final Ethics Debate Practice Session. Each group was assigned a […]

VIDEO | NSLC PSYC Neuroscience Lab #1

NSLC PSYC students talk about their favorite parts of today’s Neuroscience Lab and what specific things they learned from analyzing the anatomies of […]