Category: Quick Links

Public Health Meetings and Symposium

HEAL Students have been working all session on their Public Health projects and had the opportunity to present their work today at Harvard […]

Guest Speaker Daniel Gilbert

PSYC Students had an incredible opportunity to hear a guest lecture from Daniel Gilbert PhD discuss his research on happiness this morning!

Hematology 101

Bloody good work from our HEAL students during today’s Hematology 101!

Neuroscience Labs

Throughout the session, PSYC students participate in several neuroscience labs where they learn about different parts and actions of the brain!

Surgical Rounds

HEAL students were the doctors today as they experienced surgical rounds with Dr. M!

Clinical Rounds

HEAL students worked together through their clinical rounds and learned several techniques to use in the medicine and health care field.

Clinical Diagnostics

Students in PSYC spent the session learning to be doctors and diagnosing their patients.

Survival Rounds

HEAL students worked through several emergency situations together and learned important tips on how to help.

Guest Speaker Dr. Samuel Sommers

PSYC students had the opportunity to hear Dr. Samuel Sommers speak about Psychology and Law.

Clinical Diagnostics

Students in the HEAL program had the opportunity to be the doctor and help diagnose and treat their patients during this sessions Clinical […]