Year: 2016

Departure Day

The moment has come for the Medicine & Health Care students to make their departure from the program. The NSLC sincerely hopes that […]

Today At NSLC

Thursday, August 11th Medicine & Health Care: Closing Ceremony and Departure

Departure Day

The time has come for our Psychology & Neuroscience students to depart from the program, taking home with them many leadership skills, new […]

Harvard Medical School Tour

The students went on a tour of Harvard Medical School, visiting the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, the Library of Medicine, and the […]

Clinical Diagnostics

The Psychology & Neuroscience students spent the last few days visiting patients and attempting to come up with a diagnosis and treatment plan, […]

Clinical Diagnostics

The Medicine & Health Care students got the chance to speak with patients, in order to come up with a diagnosis, and consult […]

Neurotransmitter Lab

The students conducted experiments to determine how different agonists can affect action potentials in crickets. Click here to watch!

A Day In The Surgeon’s Shoes

Today, the students got the chance to work with Dr. Richard Marfuggi and get insight on what it is like to be a […]

Comparative Brain Anatomy & Eye Dissection

The students took part in their first lab where they compared the brains of different species, as well as dissect a cow eyeball […]

Registration Day

The last group of Medicine & Health Care students have finally arrived and we are so thrilled to have them take part in […]